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RE: Gardening, Caturday and fireworks - Actifit Report Card: July 4 2020

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Is that the St Joseph Lily in pink and white, what an enjoyable flower to grow. Marigold and Geranium more common in our region.

Trust you had a wonderful day celebrating, time still needs to be found spending with family something we still not able to do.

Great fireworks display photography, hope not the loud banging ones that affect the animals everywhere.


Hi @joanstewart! That is possibly the name of the lilies but I planted them so long ago that I don’t remember. The pink ones are up to my knee cap in height. The white ones are almost as tall as me! I have to tie them up or the fall as soon as they blossom.

The fireworks next door were indeed the loud ones and we braced for each one. It is hard on pets. Fortunately my sisters dog and cats got comforted and were doing okay.

Thank you for visiting!

Ha ha if it is the flower I am thinking of they have a gorgeous perfume, just watch not to pollinate when smelling them!

We are able to purchase herbal remedy called "Rescue" for humans and pets during thunder storms or when people insist on using loud bangs, most definitely do work in helping pets to relax, not sure if something like that is available where you live.

I haven't heard of it. But none of our pets (or my sister's pets) really suffer at all. They might be just a bit nervous. But I know people whose pets are absolutely terrified, and they definitely need something like that!

Dog that adopted us is one that literally goes lame for about three hours after lightning storms, never had a pet so terrified. Have a wonderful week.