My Actifit Report Card: July 28 2020

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I got my first ace this morning! Woot! It happened on hole twelve of my favorite eighteen basket disc golf course. I was playing a doubles round with one of my friends and I threw the Longbowman disc on a perfect hyzer line and it faded right into the basket off the tee.

I really like this disc it is a lot like a Firebird disc.

The right hand backhand line is protect from some trees so I usually go forehand on this basket. My forehand throw is not my favorite but it worked well for me in this case.

Now I will be afraid to throw that disc much where it might get lost so I might have to buy another one just to play with. Or maybe not. I usually figure it is better to play with things come what may. They are not terribly useful as wall hangings - still though you won't find me using this disc on hole eight, lol, or in the deep dark woods.

We searched for this disc once for at least a half an hour on a heavily wooded course before finding it under a log. My son was very patient and didn't want to just leave without it because he gave it to me for Father's day and it was almost brand new.

Disc golf was very fun for me today. The first doubles round scored at a two under par and the second round I played scored at a six over par. It is typical for me to score much better on a doubles round, it is much more relaxing and you get two chances at every throw.

This morning I was cleaning out my shoe after getting a bunch of dirt in it when wadding in the river in search of lost disc, when I noticed the dust got all over this spider web:

The spider got busy fixing up the mess I created. I watched as he or she patched up the the web.

Later on I was watering my bonsai tree, pictured below:

When... I noticed this rather odd shape hiding in the planter:

I'm really not sure what it is and I'm not sure if I want to find out. So long as things don't get terribly fragrant in a bad way around here I might just leave it alone.

It sort of looks like a snail but the shell is really black and it doesn't move around. My best guess is that it is some odd type of mushroom. There have been mushrooms cropping up in the tree before but they were much smaller.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Text and graphics copyright lightsplasher & litesplasher.

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This spider looks small maybe if you add a macro lens to the smartphone this spider camera will look bigger. but these pictures still look good.

Good idea. There is a built in macro lens in the phone but it is not all that high powered. I was trying to get more of the web in this photo because of the dust that had made it stand out more.

like today you share a very fun activity. congratulations on getting an ace and good luck always there my dear friend @lihtsplasher.

Thank you dear friend @rosy-moon


Congratulations! It was a very good day for you! Oh, that spider should jump all over you for messing her web! :)

It was such a pretty web, but, I am sure she fixed it all up!

The new disc really sounds like you and it have become best friends. I am of the same thoughts though, if I cannot use it, what good is it having? Minus using it on a known hazard. Like #8!

That thing almost looks like a beetle, but, hard to tell with that picture. Why don't we get a closer shot, it doens't look like it can jump. Or poke it and see if it moves. Now I want to know!

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I had to check it out too. I fished it out and got a better photo in tonight's post.

Thank you for everything!

Ohhhh! Yikes! Now I have to look!


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🎁 Hi @lightsplasher! You have received 0.1 HIVE tip from @dswigle!

Check out @dswigle blog here and follow if you like the content :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide.

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Great stepping and sounds like a fantastic day playing disc golf, am glad you are taking precautions not to lose your favorite disc. The pictures are looking wonderful and I too am curious about what is in your tree, probably as you say it is a mushroom.
Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday, keep stepping and enjoy your day :}

Thank you, it was a wonderful day for sure. Enough people were interesting about what it was in the tree so I had to check it out. I put a better photo in tonight's post.

I know that was fun to make your first Ace. I think you should buy another and hang that one on the wall as a trophy, maybe in a shadow box, you know, like some folks do their first dollar.

That dusty web is neat looking. She had nothing else to do but hang around .... right?

I think I would have already taken some tweezers and gotten rid of that alien pod that is nesting in the bonsai. LOL !

It is kind of fun to bring the disc out and try it on the same hole and see if I can do it again though. I finally had to check out the alien pod and it was not a mysterious as I initially thought. You can check it out in tonight's post.

Those beads of light almost look like constellations in the spider web!