Day walk from San Souci to Monterey: July 2 2020

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Hi All,

Today was an amazing day for a walk. In Australia we are in winter but to the day the temperature reached 20°C 😮 I walked from my uncle’s place in San-Souci to Monterey.

Hope you guys like the views;

Thanks for stopping by.

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Very nice pictures my friend! Looks like a beautiful walk for sure. Love being right on the water like that.

Thank you very much 😊😊

I’m very fortunate to live by the beach

Hmm I'm not sure what I think about your Winter delivering temperatures higher than Summer in the UK... Somehow that just doesn't seem fair now does it? 😁

Oh you're a Liverpool fan... The penny just dropped why that is especially relevant this week lol. Congratulations mate, I am a Middlesbrough fan, if I have a reason to celebrate this season, it will be for very, very different reasons haha.

That walk looks amazing! I could certainly do with a bit of that myself after this bloody lockdown ruined my holiday plans lol. Have a great Thursday man and an even better cruise down to the weekend 😁

This winter has been strange, it can get so hot during the day and then very cold at night, or the day can have 4 seasons in one! I shouldn't be complaining 😛

Ahhh yes i am still cheering... the 30 year drought is FINALLY over. The last 5 years have been amazing with Klopp.

Middlesbrough are just holding on, they just need to string a couple of wins and they will be safe.