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RE: Today's "agile work" day (so called "smart working") |🇮🇹 Oggi giornata di "lavoro agile" (cosiddetto "smart working")

in Actifit4 months ago

Great step count for a 'rainy working day', good job! I like how the wheel looks huge compared to the buiding behind it.


Step count is related to yesterday... I almost always post photos from the day but steps from the day before!
The wheel looks huge only as a matter of perspective: the building behind, is taller, dear @manuvert! 😆

Crazy, isn't it? 😉

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Still a good step count anyways! I don't remember hitting 30k recently.

Exactly, that's this kind of optical illusion that I like!

I saw you today in the Daily @actifit Leaderboard: we are so closed! 😉