Back a little better: October 19 2020

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A day of up and downs. Still being super careful with my back. I need to lie down and stretch about every hour or so.

Things seemed to be getting better until I bend to scoop some chicken feed - not lifting anything and a sudden stabbing pain.

Fixed a hot water bottle and set down - which was apparently a mistake since I ended up with stomach turning pain.

Got a bit better after laying down for a while- but really - sitting down does that?


But overall better...

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You take care of yourself. Any osteopaths round your way? Found them very helpful

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Sorry to hear your back has gone. That is always trying!

I've been making sure I do my core exercises as a preventative medicine... I don't know if you have the same issue of course, but it does help me. My Mum has done them religiously for years and lectures me if I don't!

It is great to strengthen. I just did too much heavy lifting for a period of time - and it was super hot here and my body is worn down...

Ah, like me, I always over do it. HAd two 3 hour surfs in two days - why didn't I just go for one hour? And then gardening yesterday - today i'm ssso sore I'm dyyyyiiinnngggg

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