My Actifit Report Card: June 9 2021

in Actifit2 months ago

Typical day . No workout. Still not feeling 100s. Just a lingering cough now. When to see friends off at the airport, so here's a travel meme...

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hi Mimi ;)

Lol wow look at this suprise! Are you back?

kinda sorta hahahaha

but more yes than no LOL - and pretty happy to come back to Hive after a fun (but ultimately tragic haha) jaunt on another platform for a year.

It was wild, it was hairy, it was exciting, it was new, it was thrilling.

but in the end - the founder screwed us all and took off with all our money LOL

(i can only laugh NOW because enough time has passed - but don't get me started on it or else i'll start seeing red again hehe)

but yeah - that year away was good for me. did some pretty amazing things. (dragged Pen into them hehe. dont let him lie to you. he loved every second and still does. LOL)

and then dragged him into something new.


but a bunch of us came here to Hive - some returning as old users, some joining brand new - and its really kinda surprised me how things have changed for teh better here.

not all things. i mean - some things never change I suppose hahaha

but it seems to have found its footing and i'm glad to check it out again and enjoy catching up with old friends!

so how's that for "the last year in a nutshell" hehehe

which platform is this nad how did he manage to take all your money!
maybe it's best to stick to the legit place then hey.

As I recall you left because you didn't like the new fork of sharing post rewards with curators. Rather share your rewards than let a greedy founder run away with your money.

either way its great to have you back! Come join me and play Rising star -

New game and so much fun!

It was awesome for a long time - and then - slowly started to change.
It wasn't the sharing of the rewards that bothered me. It was the way that the "higher ups" talked down their noses about content creators as if they didn't matter. I heard it over and over, and it just was demeaning and unnecessary. Often, I won't have a problem with the message, if its given with respect. But its when people have superiority issues and treat those "beneath" them as if they should be thankful for being in their presence... eeesh. that just will always rub me the wrong way.

And - at the time. those who were in favor of the new rewards system were all the people who were going to double their money so that was such a huge conflict of interest. It just didn't seem like the best way to proceed when the ones with the strongest votes also had the most to win.


then you have the other way. (the path some of us chose when we tried out the new platform... the now DEAD platform hahaha) To hear the awesome plans of a seemingly great founder who was "for the people" and then turned out to be not so much.

lol and i lost everything ($18000 USD) in a hack. but if the hack hadn't happened - i would have lost half my wallet (since half was in the platform anyway)

so which route was best?

I guess each scenario has its pros and cons. I met an incredible group of people that have gone through hell with me - and are super focused on our project. so - i can't discount that! hahaha i wouldn't trade the last year if I couldn't end up with this incredible team. But in both platform - when they work well - they work really well. And when they go sour - they go REALLY sour.

I think the best route is - set up the platform to have integrity from the start, watch the system to make sure its not becoming heavily swayed by power-hungry/greedy people, have enough checks and balances to keep it on its toes... and pray for the best! LOLOLOL

For me? I'll always be the kind of person that prefers being with a group of those I fully trust. that outranks making money/power/fame everytime. I know a lot of people want the money - by any means necessary hehehehe but for me - if i have the trust and comfort level of knowing we're doing somethin great - i just think that's what matters most, and the money might come too. LOL

geez - i'm writing a post here. hahha
ok - let me see your game LOL - i'll open the tab now and then check it out when i have some time this afternoon to give it my attention hehehehehe

Lol definitely a post on its ow. But whatever happened. It's just about having some final and earning some crypto along the way!!

Either way it's good to have you back depsite yeh short cahnged way you made it back!!

Ooooóh try it out its sooooo much fun. Collecting nfts are all the rage. This game is growing fast and they releasing new features all the the. I love it because it's low maintenance and lots of fun. Plus I always wanted to be a rockstar!

hahahaha i just opened it - hehehe i'll log in and see if its up my alley - i love games but they can addict me and then i dont' get my work done hahahaha and i will NOT BE ADDICTED MIMI!!!! hahahahahahaha

yes - we were creating some NFTs a while back and it WAS very fun!! LOL but now our heads are down and our noses to the grindstone for this new project

we have a soft launch in... 9 days? geez. time is going too fast. LOL

and yes - shortchanged, financially. but money comes and goes. integrity, loyalty, friends, vision, passion. hehehehe i was refined in all those ways during the fire. and that's worth gold, baby. hehehe