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RE: My THC Report Card

in Actifitlast year

If I get 5usd upvoted in a blogpost.
How much do I get and how much to curations?


You would get 50% as an author so 1.5 USD

You can use for all the calculations

50% of 5 is 2.5.
Thanks for the help. Trying to calculate the value of esteempoints

Oooops I meant 2.5 but in fact you’d get 2.17 because of the esteem fee

So about 40%
With 1000 points I did get this.
About 2usd in upvoted

In that case 1000 points is worth about 1usd.
But....I get Some vote-trails too.
Did get total upvoted for 3usd.

In that case 1000 points is 1.5usd.

I Will calculate with 1usd in future and make it Easy.


You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)