Seeking For Balance

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Today started quite calmly, without haste. The 5 Tibetan rites helped me to start better the day. Of course, the first-morning coffee could not miss, as a part of my morning routine. My cup of coffee accompanied me to the piano and listened to my piano practice. The notes kept coming and going, my fingers were warming up too, but instead of music, I heard some call. Reasonable thinking and a sense of obligation to rehearse the song I envisioned did not win this time. That call won.

The Sun was calling me out, offering me a beautiful walk and time spent on the beach, among pebbles, sand and water. That blue salty huge lake, I mean sea, Mediterranean Sea.

While some rocks were overturned in the waves of the sea, others rested on the sunny sand. A well-deserved rest after a couple of days of strong waves.

Thinking about balance, these pebbles also served to illustrate my eternal search. Balance in life.

But balance always goes hand in hand with discipline and renunciation. There is no other way. We are the magicians of our play and these stones will fit together as much as we can visualize but at the same time work on the skill to make it happen.

Practice a magic trick? Of course. It needs sacrifice, consistency and a lot of time.

This blue sea has all the time in the world. It disappears from our sight and merges with another blue, with the sky.

Somewhere far away, where we can no longer reach even with the imagination...

Limited by our own human nature, we have no choice but to look around at what we can see. Make a balance, look at the ordinary things.

However, neither those palm trees are so ordinary. They are growing high, seeking the sky.

Palm trees at the promenade

Palm trees in dry river

Maybe those smaller trees can help me back to normality. Some small, insignificant bush-looking trees.

Heh, just some human creature cut them back, making figures of them on the entrance to the building.

Okay, mipiano, just go inside, stop dreaming and get some piano studying, your today's walk is over.

My shadow has already left the beach as well, although immortalized by a photograph.

The date was also there unless a wave erased it. Tomorrow is a new day anyway, a new number. And a new chance to seek balance.

Thank you for reading this post, and if you want to, I would be more than happy if you can leave your thoughts about your seeking for a balanced day.

All the images were taken this morning, at the beach of l'Albir, a small town in Spain.

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What a lovely way to start the day

Indeed 😊🌞
We had two-three rainy days, now it is back to normal, sunny as always 😂

So many pretty rocks again!

Happy little cute rocks 🤩😁

We humans master the ability to unbalance our lives. We pile too many things on ourselves and often never think of just saying 'NO'! It's the pace in which this world spins; too fast and too much. Sometimes, we just need to do what you did and answer the call of 'stopping and smelling the roses' along our pathways. Breathe deep.

Nice job with your 10108 @actifit steps for the day! Balance is essential to well being. May we all find that which we seek. Take care!

Thank you @elizabethbit for sharing your thoughts. I have that search for a balance as a priority, fighting my opposite ideas, emotions and way of reaction.

Take care you too. 🤗

I've been learning lately how important balance is; I still working on it and probably will for a long time.

I think we learn until our last breath, but would be good if we can manage it a bit better now... While living 😂


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I'm getting good vibes just looking at these photos.

Thank you very much @choogirl !

Living in this place is a blessing. I do miss snow, for example, but at the moment the calming effects of the sea are priceless, so I am trying to enjoy as much as I can the mild temperatures and sun almost all around the year! ☀️

Thank you for stopping by 😇