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RE: The Antics Of Timmy: October 6, 2020

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Oh, that was early 🀦
I didn't know about cat music...what is that?

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WAYYYY too early.... like really? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But you heard how much he cares 😹

I found these videos on YouTube, music made for cats. Here's one that Timmy loves πŸ˜€

I swear, he hears that & goes from a hyper mess to a calm kitty. It is so funny. It apparently has the right music frequency cats like. πŸ’—

Oh, I am still living in the past century πŸ˜‚
Thanks for sharing ☺️

Ha ha ha no worries! Some stuff I "discover" like 500 yrs later & think it's the newest & greatest thing 🀣🀣

You're very welcome. Just don't listen to it when you're working. You will pass out haha. πŸ’š