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RE: 🅰️ WHERE SUMMER ENDS AND ❄️WINTER❄️ BEGINS [Nov.06.2020] #AutomaticWin

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I sure can't survive in -2 temperature, am used to the hot warm temperature in Africa.

Belated birthday to your cutie, she turned 9 with my sister too, they are same age and I guess they will grow up together.


That's so nice! My daughter's the same age as your sister with birthdays on the same month! I actually told @littlem about you and your account here on Hive. I think she followed you! Does your sister have a Hive account yet?

By the way! You think -2C is cold... Just you wait and follow along here on my blog... Your going to see much MUCH colder temperatures! 😭

It's tough living in a cold country... But at least half the year is beautiful and warm... If I take a warm weather vacation then it makes things even easier... If only this pandemic wasn't making travel so difficult and unsafe...

Anyways! I'm going to remain grateful... and light a nice warm fire tonight! 🤣

I followed your angel already, my sister is yet to use a phone, my dad wouldn't allow saying she is still too young, parental guidance is important as alot of unhealthy things are found on the internet.

Well either cold or warm am glad that we are surviving it, You are taking the necessary precaution and that's good to know.
Thanks for checking back.

I appreciate you always.

Oh yes! Certainly this is a huge concern! I decided to take the time to teach my daughter how to safely and effectively navigate the internet seeing as she is now doing school 100% on the web. It's really important to teach kids early I think... I think of it a lot like navigating a vehicle on the high-way. The information-highway is no different. Anyways! Let us know when she gets a phone and I'll like @littlem and her! It's always best to travel (on either highway) in groups of people who have your back! 🙂

Stay warm!😨 (I'm doing my best! lol!)