My Actifit Report Card: July 11 2020

in Actifit8 months ago

Hot summer days. Walking in the park is for short time and trying to be more under the shade. So, the steps are not much.

But the day starts with inspection of my little garden on the balcony. I am pleased with the flowers blooming now.

The morning walk followed the daily routine and we were in the park with the dog.

As usual my eyes were on the flying birds and looking for something new. The green woodpecker was a very nice find.

And the Syrian woodpecker which I see more often.

Other common birds like crows, pigeons and gulls are sharing the water.

Night walk was much more pleasant with the cool breeze.

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You are becoming a real bird watcher unfortunately we don't have all them beautiful birds here in Thailand so i am enjoying seeing your bird photos 😊

Haha, yeah I wish I could stay somewhere all they long bird watching. But now with the additional cat we took, my time is limited only with the dog walking.

You will work it all out and find time to enjoy all and the additional cat 😸

I have to. 😀
Now we are facing the challenge to make old cat and new cat to get along.

It will all work out they will be the best of buddies 😸