Operation Sack Lunch, part one

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I don't know who this sign belonged to, as it was abandoned on the sidewalk. But I don't take photos of people when I do ops, because I feel that's exploitative, so this is a good stand in, I think.

This is an op in two parts, because when I went shopping I brain farted and only bought one loaf of bread. LOL

A week or two ago on fb, I said that I had an idea of what I wanted to do for my next #ophumanangels, but I would need to fundraise for it. Within a few hours, three friends had given me the funds, including our own @khackett (thanks, Kelli!), so the op was on (after my bank took almost a week to transfer money. Woo corporate nonsense!)!

Operation Sack Lunch for homeless folx. :)

the noms

So I divvied up half the supplies for today's part, and when I go get more bread, I'll do another part. :D I delivered lunches to folx in my neighborhood today - didn't have to go far to find enough people.

sliced half of the giant block of cheese I bought to make sammiches

Today's half made 11 lunches.

They each contained a turkey, mayo, and colby jack cheese on white sandwich, a bottle of water, chocolate chip cookies, and fruit snacks.

all bagged up and ready to go

Then I took a walk down towards Colfax. Got one person a meal before I got there, and 9 more people in the vicinity of Colfax + Colorado. Went over to where two guys were talking, one lying down in his tent and one sitting outside it, and when I asked the guy in the tent if there was someone else in there with him and he needed another, he said no, but he'd eat two if I had it. So I gave him a second one and the other guy said, "Yeah, he's too skinny. We're trying to put some weight on him. He's got a fight coming up. He's gonna fight Muhammad Ali. You ever heard of Muhammad Ali?" Ha ha ha. :)

five down, six to go after talking to those guys

Two guys declined but thanked me for thinking of them. Everyone was super nice.

the last lunch

The last lunch I left next to somebody's shopping cart of belongings. I hope they found it soon, because it's hot out again today despite the weather app promising a cooler day. But the cart was just parked in the open, so I don't think they would have left it like that for long. Maybe they were in the store getting something.

When I was done, I stopped at Sprouts to buy cocoa powder ...and forgot to buy more bread again. Narf!

all done!

On the way home I passed another homeless guy sleeping. Not enough lunches. Maybe he was the owner of the shopping cart (it was close by).

So that was how I got my steps today. Bee excellent to each other, Hive fam!


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Something I notice about the homeless I encounter here is that they generally aren't under-nourished. I guess there must be plenty of access to places who'll provide food in the city centre. I came across one more locally near a shopping centre and it looked like he was getting food from the supermarket bins and there are some clothing collection bins there too, so I occasionally see them being raided and this guy had himself a collection of shoes. I thought it pretty resourceful! 😆 It was just his socks that had huge holes in, so I got an extra pack while I was in the supermarket and he accepted them, but I think he'd have preferred I hadn't woken him. He did, however, hide them under his coat with a cake he was protecting, so I'm guessing socks are one of the less easy things to come by.

Socks are always in high demand here too, which is why I did a sock op once. Groups that work with homeless folx a lot are always requesting them!
Here it's very hit or miss if you're talking about "size" regarding "under-nourished," but do remember that that isn't really an indicator of nourishment, especially in the US, anyway. The most calorie-dense foods are often the least nutritious. Most of the obesity epidemic is a case of overfed and undernourished ...and those are generally the cheapest foods. Especially when you can't cook because you're homeless!

Thankfully food here hasn't quite reached the point of no nourishment on the whole. That's why I think he was being so protective of his cake! 🤣 His junk food treat! While cheap food may not be the healthiest of diets here, it's usually still got some nourishment. In fact some of our junk food is more highly taxed (candy and chocolate for example), making it more of a treat if you're on a low budget.

That's good. Here it's mostly junk food you can get at many food banks as well - the last time I went to one I couldn't take a lot of stuff due to my allergies since it was all super processed crap with 20 ingredients, I was allergic to SOMETHING in there most of the time. So the only things I had in my bag were the scratch ingredients I wasn't allergic to, and one of the volunteers said to another, "Hey! This one can cook!" because I didn't need instructions of what to do with an item. LOL

SMILES!!! Reading this made my day oh so bright!!

Yay! :)


Great work spreading some goodness in the world, we sure do need it. This side we don't really have to go looking for them, they come looking for us, I get at least 3 people knocking on my door a day for food and hey you can only give so many but we do try

Thank you. :) That's good that you try to help when you can! I know it's hard. I wish I could do so much more. No one should be in that position in the first place, our society's priorities are all messed up. :(

I fully agree with you, it shouldn’t have to be this hard for people to feed themselves! I don’t even know how we start to fix all of this, I just really hope things like BTC work out and give us a second chance! Something has to change, just want it to be done peacefully

Awwwww yeeeeah! Great work Phe! ☺💗

Thank you! There will be more when I do the other half. ^_^

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