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RE: How Fae Was My Walk: My Actifit Report Card: September 21 2020

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OOOH sorry I forgot! I am joining in @kpreddy 's #actifitcontest, and I challenge @yogajill to also join in! :D Thanks, @kpreddy! I'm sorry it's not in the post, it won't let me edit without deleting the actifit-charity and hive-193552 tags - which I don't even write myself, so I'm not sure why an automated tag isn't acceptable for the dashes, but hey. LOL


So need to get my blog back on. And, my head back into this crazy cryptoland. Transfer tokens, read about how to trade tokens!!! Ah!! Thanks for always being a pillar Phe. Appreciate the nomination. Never give up on me ❤

Awe, looove this!! Thank-you Phe :) Same to youuuu.