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RE: 🅰️ WHERE SUMMER ENDS AND ❄️WINTER❄️ BEGINS [Nov.06.2020] #AutomaticWin

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Looks like winter has began with a bang and I really don't see any rabbit anywhere LOL. It's literally hidden. I think Jayna's right but I will make another guess. On a different note, a very happy birthday to your daughter @littlem, the years are really moving fast. I am sure you all had a wonderful day and made her favourite food.
Have an amazing week ahead
wil rabbit.jpg
and keep warm in the snow :}


You found the white rabbit Eric! #HighFive 🙌 coming your way! 😁

Thank you for wishing my daughter a happy birthday! Watch for her post about her birthday later today! (She has today off from school so I'm going to help her compose a post.) 😄

Oh wow, I am glad I guessed right, that camouflage is excellent and needs a keen eye. I will head over and check out that birthday post. Meanwhile enjoy a wonderful weekend ahead :}

Nice work, @practicaleric! That was my other guess. What a fun game, @wil.metcalfe! (I'm a little late. I've been so busy the past week!)

I had fun with this little hide and seek white rabbit game too! Thanks for playing along @jayna!

And just so you know... I decided to also send you a #HighFive! 5 Hive in your wallet just for playing along!

I really value that you took the time to read my @Actifit Report and engage with @practicaleric and I on the post! This is what healthy people do in a healthy community and that's what the #HighFive Initiative is all about! 🙌

Nature never ceases to amazing me! Watching those rabbits change from brown to white and then back again... it's pretty cool!

Thank you for checking out my daughters birthday post! Speaking of which... I should check out how it's doing as well! 😊