My Actifit Report Card: August 25 2020 {closed} Is there a pot of gold in your future? Win Free Hive!

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Just downloaded actifit again on phone and was curious if it posted to steam or hive. Took a picture of the chickens hanging around lol
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Hey I am Ralph the leprechaun!!! I might not have a pot of gold for ya - How about some Hive instead?


The rules are simple!!!

Upvote this post
Comment below and you win!

The Highest 3 votes on this post automatically win without a comment!

How much Hive will i win? Hive generated from this post will be distributed equally to the winners.

What do i do now???

Get Excited because you are that much closer to seeing some Hive sent to your Wallet!

How will i know if i am a winner?? I will post in the comments below when the contest closes who won.

If i am a winner how long till i get my Hive bro?

The post usually take 7 days to get the rewards back. (so sit back they will be on the way!)

I appreciate everyone that stopped by and played this grueling game of voting on my post and commenting!

Love Ya and Hive on my friends!!!


That looks like a play house

Nice hang out place for the chicken I love it

congrats to the winners @votebetting, @payroll, @spectrumecons, @jadung, @cabalen

.017 hbd have been sent to the following accounts @votebetting, @payroll, @spectrumecons, @jadung, @cabalen
thanks for playing!

They sure seem to enjoy the view from up there 😉
Beautiful chicken house, love it.

they are spoiled rotten!! they escaped the other day, i got them back in! Alot of wild animals around here didnt want them getting eaten by those raccoons! lol

Spoiled rotten? 😂 Hahahaha
Who spoil them 😜 good thing you got them back, it's a dangerous place out there for the chickens.
Show them a video of chicken being eaten and Im sure they think twice before trying it again 😁 Lol