My Actifit Report Card: August 26 2020 (closed) Win free Hive/Steem Contest

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I did around 3200 steps today. I'll have to keep working at it I've been so out of shape and its time to do better! So follow me on my fitness journey and have a little fun earning some free Hive/Steem on the way. GOOD LUCK!

This contest will be posted on the steem and Hive blockchain so you can participate on either one.

Hey I am Ralph the leprechaun!!! I might not have a pot of gold for ya - How about some Hive/Steem instead?

The rules are simple!!!
Upvote this post
Comment below and you win!
The Highest 3 votes on this post automatically win without a comment!
How much Hive/Steem will i win? Hive/Steem generated from this post will be distributed equally to the winners.
What do i do now???
Get Excited because you are that much closer to seeing some Hive/Steem sent to your Wallet!
How will i know if i am a winner?? I will post in the comments below when the contest closes who won.
If i am a winner how long till i get my Hive/Steem bro?
The post usually take 7 days to get the rewards back. (so sit back they will be on the way!)
I appreciate everyone that stopped by and played this grueling game of voting on my post and commenting!
Love Ya and Hive/Steem on my friends!!!

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congrats to the winners @votebetting, @payroll, @melinda010100

Thanks @raiph-rennoldson ❤️

early payouts 0.076 hive