1000 burpees: June 3 2020

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We live in a society where:

  1. People are not offered an education (what humans are, how human behavior works, how our society works, and so forth). Humans are thought to obey and respect the rules of the educational system, and that their end goal is a "career".

  2. Humans spend most of their lives trading. Jobs and loans, universities and servitude. They, at best, get specialized in selling themselves to the system.

  3. Our society of trade only cares about trading. Thus, what people consume (from products to news) is likely produced of a bad quality for the sake of views, currencies, fame, data, and so forth. Humans fill their heads with clickbait misinformation.

  4. The ones in power are the same creatures created by the same system, only that they have a lot of power and the only way they think they can solve problems ,is through punishment.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = a society of simple minded (perhaps primitive) humans who do not know where the problems are, nor what to do about them. A society of primitive creatures busy with trading. A society of primitive abusers who may think that if you turn off the volume, perhaps the music won't play anymore. It is the perfect mix that will create combustion from time to time, yet no long lasting flames.

What to do? It is hard to say. But as long as people do not understand that the worldwide society we live in is solely based on trades and this insane game of moving shit from one place to another is completely eating their lives, transforming them into primitive creatures, then nothing will change. Understand the main problem, to be able to contemplate solutions. Else...combustion, but no flame. Lots of gagging, but no vomit.

Add 1000 burpees for fun!

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Hello! You are speaking truth today @rmsbodybuilding! I 100% agree... It's quite a conundrum for those who's eyes are open.

Thanks for the good words and reading

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nice- thanks for pennies for my birthday :) you can take back your badge :)