Looking Sharp with new clothes. My Actifit Report Card: June 22 2020

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The boys have new summer clothes thanks to @luvbnamome, and @theharvey is sporting a new pair of orange flip-flops.

The boys and I walked 5000 steps this afternoon, and they gained an additional 1500 steps with @luvbnamome and I this evening.

I felt overheated most of the day, but I still walked 5000 solo steps in the triple digit temperatures to secure 10000 @actifit steps for the day.

I’m trying to stay @actifit in the California heat.


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Walking,Running,House Chores,Photowalking,Daily Activity

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Awesome dude, glad to see everybody staying @actifit In new summer clothes, have a good one my friend! Glad to see you came back to the @actifit party!🤗

Great family photos, thanks for sharing!! Always good to see brothers enjoying each others company!!

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