Hot and Humid, but we got it done. My Actifit Report Card: June 24 2020

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@luvbnamome has been out of town all day, so the boys had to spend all day with daddy.

@daniel-san, @theharvey and I walked 8500 steps in 100 degree plus temperatures with a 10% chance of rain.

The boys get super excited every time we get ready for walks, but they both wanted to walk home early during today’s walks.

I successfully made dinner for the boys, and they are both ready for bed.


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100 degree temps!? No thank you! I commend your boys for waking in that kind of heat! Good job guys! Good job @runridefly with your 10078 @actifit steps. Try to stay cool!

Nice step count, I am sure the boys enjoyed the day with dad!!

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