I moved 1200 pounds 2x today. My Actifit Report Card: June 28 2020

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I decided to clean the backyard a month ago, and I still have a lot of my old life in the backyard.

I was a muscle head most of my life and I had a complete gym for decades. I had sold most of the weightlifting equipment, but I still have 4 sets of free weights and all my dumbbells.

I moved my large weight rack and free weights and cleaned the area, and then put the rack and weights back.

The backyard of the tiny house we rent has been a mess and is literally full of trash. I think the old owners or renters buried trash.

I decided that I am going to let the trash be, because it’s just too much to dig up. I’m grading the dirt and growing grass.

The boys and I walked 3900 steps earlier this afternoon.


I walked 5000 solo @actifit steps after I moved the free weight.

I feel stronger and healthier, and I want bigger and better @actifit counts.


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