A Fat Thick and Meaty Actifit Activity Count! My Actifit Report Card: June 30 2020

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@daniel-san and @theharvey walked 13,000 of my 22,000 @actifit steps for today’s Report Card.

I probably ran a mile around the trees at the local high school.

@daniel-san followed me as I ran around the steps at the local theater. @theharvey wasn’t too excited about running around, but he survived.

I solo walked 3 miles around downtown, and I am determined to get my @actifit activity count average above 20k


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Weight Lifting,Walking,Shoveling,Running,Photowalking,House Chores,Jogging,Gardening,Daily Activity

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I hope your temps have backed down some. You guys had some hot days there! Totally excellent @actifit step count of 22082 today! Take care and have a lovely evening!

Awesome day! Glad to see you well.

Great shot! Good activity! Have a nice day!👊💪
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