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RE: My Actifit Report Card: March 7 2020

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Awesome walks you are having @scottshots! So cool to see the
spiral heart stones as the waters come back! Hope to see them
a few more times before they are gone! lol Oh that snow walking
photograph looks trippy! We are getting all your snow this year!!
Loads out here, no shortages of white cold fluffy wet snow stuff!
Also was many days of extreme cold! :-)


Thanks @shasta! After last year's big winter, I'm cool with you getting all our snow, lol.
Yeah, google made that snowy gif for me, sometimes the things it does with my photos are pretty cool, sometimes not so much. I liked that one.
That rock spiral will be underwater soon. And shoot, I just realized that I never counted the rocks! The health coach I've been seeing has me walking for an hour and 15 minutes, 6 days a week, so hopefully I'll be back there soon. And hopefully I'll remember to count them, I'm usually pretty tired by the time I make it out to the spiral. Cheers!