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RE: My Actifit Report Card: October 19 2020

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This is a link for the Brave browser
This browser is for desktop computers, and phones. It blocks some ads, it's faster and now if you choose to allow some ads, they start paying you in Crypto!
I have been using Brave for about a year it's very good check it out!😀


Many thanks.
I will say a few more words about Actifit.
Recently, the number of upvods has been constantly decreasing.
If earlier I got 20-30 cents per post once a day, now I regularly get 7-9 upvotes and 1 cent per post.
I'm already thinking about how to stop using this program and forget about it.
Probably, you can earn a little on it the way you do, but, apparently, not for me.
Friends are not added, posts are not added, it is not interesting to post every day.
I have been watching for six months, and every day it gets worse and worse.
Do you know why this is happening?
You have 200 people come and cast their vote.
But what about beginners. like me?
I invited my husband to post his mail too. He also places half a year, but he has no income at all.
I think both of us will soon be stopping this program.
Interesting - but completely useless.

I think that the vote value is dropping, because the price of Hive is dropping. Some of this is the times we live in with Corona, and then we just had a Hard Fork. I think we will turn a corner soon. I hike to stay healthy, and this will help you as well. I think the money will come back, give it some time my friend...When you are able to Delegate some Hive this will help your payouts..

Yes, I have fitness and sport too.
And I have delegate HP to some accounts, included Actifit account too....
But every day 00.00 0r 00.001 - it not give motivation for used Actifit next time....
And they not fixed error for our iPhone 6 and 6S models, last half year, and still same: one day can normal accept text, next day - error. My husband can pot text only one time in 2-3 days. : )))
Is not serious.
Yes. I see you great text every day, and I like it, and I see good coins for every your text, and I understand, what you are satisfaction. : )))
Please, will continue exactly, because it is not bad crypto profit too. : )))
Thank you for your good and kind posts.

I am glad you are going to continue, someone told me that Apple had a problem with the 6S phone. Our friend has a 6S and she has had problems... Apple won't help. Have you done updates on your phone that might help. I think spreading out Delegations to several places/people is the best way to get your post noticed.

Yes, they not fixed error for our iPhone 6 and 6S models. I have 6S Plus, my husband 6S.
I have errors rarely, but my husband day after day regular, and have profit 00.00 in Hive, and few Actifa coins. : )))

I have a friend that has the Apple 6S that phone has a few error's.. I really like Apple phones, but this one does have problems...

Maybe...I used iPhones long time, 6S Plus too....have not problem.

Are you having problems posting Actifit post on your phone now my friend?