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RE: My Actifit Report Card: October 19 2020

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I am glad you are going to continue, someone told me that Apple had a problem with the 6S phone. Our friend has a 6S and she has had problems... Apple won't help. Have you done updates on your phone that might help. I think spreading out Delegations to several places/people is the best way to get your post noticed.


Yes, they not fixed error for our iPhone 6 and 6S models. I have 6S Plus, my husband 6S.
I have errors rarely, but my husband day after day regular, and have profit 00.00 in Hive, and few Actifa coins. : )))

I have a friend that has the Apple 6S that phone has a few error's.. I really like Apple phones, but this one does have problems...

Maybe...I used iPhones long time, 6S Plus too....have not problem.

Are you having problems posting Actifit post on your phone now my friend?

Sometime have, but very rarely.
My husband in 6S have stability regular same error: one day can posting - one day can not. : )))
Sometime 2 days can posting - 1-2-3 days can not. : )))

Try this, not sure if it will fix the problem but it's worth a try...
One: make sure your phone operating system is up to date.
Two: turn your phone completely off wait a few minutes and turn it back on.
Three: make sure the @actifit app is updated.
If this doesn't help uninstall and reinstall the app.
see if this helps my friend.😀

I already ask in Duscord.
They know, what their program work not correct with iPhone 6S. : )))
Admin wrote to my answer.
They know this problem, but only don't fixed it. : (((

It looked like it worked good today, I saw your post, did you change anything?