My Actifit Report Card: February 14 2021

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Yo dawg, I've heard you like some contemporary architecture, so we put some contemporary architecture on contemporary architecture.

Nareszcie ten dzień się skończył. Biegnąc rano miałem wrażenie, że pobijam wszystkie rekordy. Korzystając z okazji podszedłem do bloku w Jastrzębiu-Zdroju, który już dawno chciałem zobaczyć. Ogólnie sytuacja jest ciekawa wrzucę poniżej link do jakiegoś materiału.


The day came to an end, at last. While trying to catch up, I had the impression that I'm beating all the records. Taking advantage of the opportunity I walked to the block of flats in Jastrzębie-Zdrój, that I wanted to see for a very long time. To make a long story short, a guy wanted to build a futuristic villa on top of the block of flats and gave the funds to do so to housing co-op. This is very important because the co-op was an investor according to polish law (a entity who owned and conducted the construction and gave the money for this enterprise). The construction was run in crossing with the regulations from the very beginning. But it took 25 years for authorities to order to demolish it. However, the villa belongs now to the guy who took out the money and the decisions made by courts don't apply to him 🤷‍♂️ I would mind if he would be allowed to leave the building be or upgrade it so it would meet the regulations, but the danger to habitants of the building is serious.






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