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RE: My Actifit Report Card: April 1 2020

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I have limited internet data , so i can not watch all vid's you post . The ones i do watch give a clear picture on ongoing , clubbed in to submission , sheep like behavior in Spain .
I used to smoke at least 5 grams Amnesia , Dutch grown , a week .. for now i have had nothing for 3 weeks .... starting to dream again.. And as there is no urgent need to get some ... i would like to have some .. Just to knock me down for a painless , dreamless 8 hours of sleep ;-)
And just so you know , we all have faces ... mine might look somewhat bewildered , and as Hive refused all uploads ,.. My last post with , just that , was done on Steemit . Enjoy that dog star plant , may it keep you healty and sane .


I replyed to the steemit one, use for now 👍