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RE: Actifit and COVID-19 report for Friday

in Actifit3 months ago

Good to hear your test was negative. I have not been tested, but then I have not felt ill since this started. I had a bad case of something just before, but I am not convinced it was COVID.

Looks like nice roads for cycling. Is there much traffic? I assume it is fairly flat.


Thanks, happy to hear you're fine too. I had a fever in March, which was probably influenza, but I couldn't get tested then. Later we learned that the government exaggerated the shortage of materials and it would have been possible if they'd made an effort. Now I wonder why I'm short of breath after a physical effort (cycling doesn't count), while I'm basically a pair of lungs with legs.

Yes, this was a flat route. And a pretty comfortable ride. Only the walkways in the park were busy. The bike lane on the dike is a little narrow at some places; I think they avoid making the road wider, to discourage speeding. The other kind of bikers love racing through these bends.