May Day Sun and Showers: 3 May 2021


Today was a public holiday in the UK, one of eight through the year. This one is always the first Monday in May and is associated with both traditional May Day festivities marking the first day of summer and International Labour Day celebrating workers and workers rights.

It was sunny again this morning, although La Belle France was hidden from view by mist, and I enjoyed my last walk around the bay. But during the day the winds came and by this evening it was raining heavily.

Bravely, I donned my puffer coat and went out to get the remaining 2,400 steps. I would have been better with a slicker and sou'wester! Never mind, all the steps were done.

I also did thirty minutes Pilates this morning. I can't say I really enjoy it (unlike walking, which I love), but I always feel much better afterwards.

I am going to jump into a bath with Epsom salts, with candlelight and some Dvorak. I've just re-discovered classical music. Tonight, it's Humoresque No 7 in G flat major (Op. 101).

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Walking, Yoga