Thank you Hive for my Fitbit: My Actifit Report Card

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@purepinay made me buy it 😆

Thank you Hive! I've been meaning to buy a fitness watch since my old Mi Fit strap broke. That Mi Fit tracker was given to me by my aunt. My old self is quite frugal you see. That's why when Gil told me to buy a Fitbit watch, I immediately replied "I'm kuripot," telling her that I won't buy it because I'm frugal. 😆

@intoy.bugoy, @purepinay, me and @ybanezkim26 in Gil's Zumba party

"It's an investment," Gil said. I knew that the actifit step counter using the phone sensors was kinda inaccurate and it was a slight hassle to carry a phone around when you moved, so these made me want to buy a Fitbit more. My frugal self finally gave in and searched for good deals in Lazada and Shopee.

I mean, who wouldn't want to enjoy tracking mean Zumba moves conveniently on your Fitbit, right?

This was during Gil's Zumba party. When I saw the deals in Lazada and Shopee, my kuripot self didn't give in 😆 They were just too pricey for me. So, I searched in Facebook Marketplace and voila! I found a deal that even my kuripot self couldn't say no to. I immediately contacted the seller and went to meet him right away. The trade was done shortly and I now have my Fitbit onhand.

@jongcl, @sassycebuana and the rest of the girls after the intense Zumba session

I used my Hive earnings to pay for this baby. I'm grateful that I get to enjoy buying myself shiny things because of Hive. I'd definitely wear this to the next physical activity Gil will host! Hahaha 😺 Thank you so much for your generous heart @purepinay!

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Yayyyy!! Nindot kaayo imo fitbit, Gail💕❤️ Puhon puhon mag palit nya sad ko ug akong own fitbit once naa nako enough money here sa Hive hihi😁😅

Go go go! Try pangita sa FB Marketplace, maybe naa na sad good deals. Pero careful ka sa mga bogus buyers ha 😁

Yesyess puhoooon, Gail. 😁 Huhu thanks sa pag remind, naa juy part nako na dali ra ma "scam" LOL pero na lesson learned nako, so mag extra extra careful rako aron di na mailad lols 😅

Wow! That's so nice. Would love to have one too 😁 hehe it's nice to spend something for yourself. 😊

I know right? Treating yourself in moderation is always a good idea 🥰

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Great idea to buy a new Fitbit! The bands do tend to break after a year or so.I bought some extra bands to switch out colors on mine. I also used to carry my phone around to count my steps and it was a big hassle. I have had my Fitbit for a couple of years now! Have a great day!

Thanks for dropping by @violetmed! Thank you for the heads-up too 😊 that's such a cool idea - to buy multi-colored bands to make it fun!

Congrats on your new Fitbit! I bet it feels good knowing that you were able to use Hive rewards to pay for it. I’m sure you feel even better about having so many awesome friends from Hive to hang out with in real life. I am a bit jealous about that part especially, very few people in my life actually are able to hang out regularly.

That's the best thing about the Hive Cebu Community - we're all about helping each other out 😊 thanks for dropping by @daltono!

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Yay! Congrats on your new investment, Gail! 😘❤️

Hahaha! You and your influencing powers 😆

Palit nya pod ko ani hehe

Sige ho