My Day 2 in pictures || Actifit Report Card: February 24 2021

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Due to the module we had to complete prior the end of the retreat, we had to stay into the night outdoors and I just tried to make myself happy with trying to capture to moon with my smartphone. It's a small one and couldn't do better.

I enjoyed the sereny of the environment and the cool breeze of the night while also makiyy some money with my actifit dapp. This got the attention of one of the attendees and I seized the moment to tell him about Hive and how he can invest.

If you ask me, you know it'll be SPORTS I'll tell him to invest first then other tokens follow like LEO, CTP and LIST.

It's beautiful to be here. We catch fun, exercise with Hive and too make bucks.
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I should have been invited to grace this event "Chief coach"
Soon iphone 12 for you via Muah,-courtesy Santa Claus pictures.

Hi, sorry for spamming, but I would like to invite you to #POLIAC which means Polish Actifit League. Poland is only in name because we are open to other nationalities, what's more, in January we were so hospitable that we let the guy from the Czech Republic win :). From 1st February we changed the rules of competition, the number of registered steps is still important, but the competition is held in pairs. Currently, we are looking for more participants, cause more means much more fun. All competitions are friendly.

The first edition showed that steps are important but sometimes there is a big rule of luck i.e one time just 4K steps give victory, on the other hand, more than 25K will not grant victory.

Currently, we are 7, but the best would be 16 competitors, so everybody duel with everyone twice.

If you wish to see how the competition is going in February please see my last post.

We hope that you join us in March if co please respond yes to this comment.