Powering Up With Arnold Schwarzenegger [May.06.2020]🅰️🏅

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I got an early birthday present a few months ago (Before COVID-19 changed everything.); tickets to listen to a living legend!

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a hero of mine for as long as I can remember. I grew up watching and loving his action movies (We all did, right?!) but it was the documentary, "Pumping Iron", that had the biggest impact on my life.

I have been inspired by Terry Fox, Rick Hansen, Bruce Lee, and Arnold Schwarzenegger so, for me, meeting one of these icons was really something! In fact, I wonder if I would even be a personal trainer today if it wasn't for these guys...

Pumping fists and standing shoulder to shoulder with Arnold grounded me with how amazing and real his story is! I was reminded that I too can change the stars I was born under. Focus and resolve matter. Igniting determination and being willing to learn every day gives you an edge. Commitment and hard work take you places... and believing in your dreams... That's the way to win at life!

Arnold started out as a poor kid growing up in the dust and rubble of post World War II Austria. Without prospects he forged his own way implementing an immense drive, determination, and vision towards his dreams.

Arnold's roots (He was, incidentally, called the Austrian Oak!) began in competitive body building where he won a total of 7 Mr. Olympia titles. This success acted as a springboard catapulting him into a life in America among Hollywood's Stars.

Arnold hit the big screen as a leading man in many hit movies where he achieved world wide recognition and fortune.

Next Arnold made up his mind to run for political office where he became the 38th Governor of California.

His eventual retirement from politics hasn't slowed him down. He continues to inspire others through social activism, business, and body building initiatives and is well loved all around the globe.

Have you ever noticed how some people’s energy prompts significant action and brings out the best in people?

Well Arnold certainly hasn't lost his edge. He's as dynamic and passionate as ever and those are the signs of a man on a mission!

Being in his wake, even just for a glimpse, reminds me of the dreams and aspirations that I have. I can see it clearly. He reached for and achieved his dreams... And I/we can to... It's just a matter of persistence and never giving up!

Arnold’s story really is pretty incredible! If you would like to find out more about the man and his life pick up his book, "Total Recall!" I enjoyed this read because it provided many clues between the lines to his formative years and winning mind set.

It's a must read for anyone looking to live an impactful life... and, by the way, if you ever get a chance to bump fists with the Terminator... I 100% recommend it!

Your going to learn something about yourself! That's what's cool.

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Absolutely wonderful motivational advise from Arnold, such perfect wisdom gems. Thanks for sharing :}

Thank you for the up-vote and the Arnold video @liondani!

This is exactly what Arnold had to say at the conference. He went through his rules of success and he told bits of his story that I hadn't heard before.

It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear... especially considering the current COVID-19 pandemic and that we are potentially headed into a deep financial depression in the near future.

Arnold is a champion... and these rules show how a champion thinks and what he does. That's the SPIRIT!

I can feel your energy from just reading your post! He really impacted you, which is awesome! Good job with your 14261 @actifit steps. Take care and may you acheive your goals and dreams! 😎👍🌸

Yes! Arnold is quite the guy! He's getting up there so it was a good to see him still making giant strides. Age doesn't seem to have effected this guy and that's inspiring in it's self!

Thank you for the nice comment @elizabethbit!


This is just WOW!The best birthday gift ever!
Arny is a hero for billions, and he is an incredible person.

You look luke a star with him at the photo! 💥💣

Thank you @zirochka! I think I might have gotten some star dust on me that day!

Yes! Best birthday gift ever! :D

Oh wow....that must have been like a dream come true. Arnold is more than a movie star, for me his story is an inspiration of what hard work and dedication can do. I will never forget his famous "I'll be back line" in Terminator and he mesmerized me in consecutive movies too.There is lots to learn and emulate from him, am glad you got the chance of a life time.
Great step count and am wishing you an amazing Thursday ahead, enjoy your day :}

"I'll be back." Those are famous last words for most but not Arnold!

I hope that I get to hang out with him again! It was AWESOME and I learned so much about myself by meeting the man and observing his life.

It must be Friday over there in Kenya Eric! I hope that you are continuing to stay healthy and safely out of harms way! #HighFive Friday!

Thanks Wil, it was definitely Friday and I had a good day now getting my report ready:}

Wow, Amazing!!

The motivation one gets from his/her ideal will be enormous and life changing. Congratulations my friend!

I have heard that in the initial phase of his acting career he was criticised a lot about his physical appearance and skill. But now, he is one of the biggest stars not in movies but in real life also.

Thanks for the documentry suggestion and I will definitely take a look.

You said it @kpreddy! He is a world wide phenomenon on and off the big screen! I found his story inspiring and I even was able to draw some parallels to my own life trajectory.

I think that's why people love Arnold Schwarzenegger. Everyone feels they can relate to his life. Meet him in person and you quickly realize that the only thing stopping you from living your best life is you. Go after your dreams every single day and you just never know where that fighting spirit will take you!

That's so cool that you were able to meet a celebrity of his caliber! I think I've only seen one of his movies ("True Lies") and I am not entirely sure that I saw it, its been so long ago! Thanks for sharing your story about him on PYPT!

True Lies was one of the first movies I watch that Arnold Stared in! I remember watching that one back to back times because it was so fun! I think the other one that I watched right when I was discovering Arnold was Total Recall! I know that a lot of the movies he's done are action movies but they are just so much fun to watch and they are also so well done!

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment @kittygirl! I had fun with you all on PYPT this Thursday! I'm looking forward to doing that again! :D

Pumping iron is one of my favorite movies since forever. One of my favorite humans.

I'm glad your a Pumping Iron guy @runridefly! You and I appreciate the same things. Arnold is Awesome!

sounds like something i would really enjoy reading. Thanks for the heads up as i had no idea it existed!

Hi @normie.fitness! Yeah! Yeah! I hope that you read is book, Total Recall. If your into fitness which, based on your account name I think you are, it's a must read! It's chalk full of wonderful inspiration and Arnold really does have an AMAZING story! I'm actually going to be listening to the audio book all over again for the second time. It's just that good!

Thank you for commenting on the post! :)

They must be great to meet Arni. I always liked his movies ;-)

It sure was great to meet him!

I bumped fists with him and said, "Hi Arnold!" he looked at me and said, "Hi Wil!".

It wasn't much but just being acknowledged by the man, the legend was a significant moment for me. I have been wanting to do that for years!

Now I got to catch up on some of his movies that I haven't seen yet! That should keep me busy for awhile! haha! :D

Thank you for commenting @jjprac!

:) You are welcome ;)

Way to go, we need more enthusiasm like you

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work

That's wonderful! Thank you @appreciator for your appreciation! And thanks for making this post stand out! I hope that Arnold checks out what we are up to on the Hive Blockchain... and brings some of his raving fans! I can always dream... and I can continue to try!

That was my idol... One of my dream to meet him in person and talk to him even in just one minute.

You and me both! Arnold is a fit man at 72 years of age. That's one of the reasons I made the meet up a priority this year. I didn't know when I would get the chance again!

If he comes to Dubai or you head to California you should totally jump at the opportunity! Those dreams are important and worth every step that you take to reach them! #HighFive! 🙌

Thank you for commenting on this post @kennyroy!

I will... Even there is a work, I will get a permission to absent in any excuse I will do just to meet him in person with video and pictures... 😊


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Thank's for the boost @kpreddy! #HighFive!

@wil.metcalfe It is a pleasure to see you next to such an emblematic character! I am happy for you and for Mr. Arnold who is greatly admired by me!

It was an honer to finally meet Arnold! I wish that I could get in a time machine and meet him again during his younger Pumping Iron days! He has had an amazing carrer and and even more inspiring life! We need more leaders like him don't you think?

Thank you for your comment! 🙌

@wil.metcalfe Totally agree with you!
This comment is moving for me, send you congratulations and through you send congratulations to Arnold Schwarzenegger, for me it is priceless!
I would also like to shake your hand and relive those movie scenes that once marked my life!
Happy to leave you this comment, see you soon, friend ...