🅰️ Highlights: An Active Day With My Daughter [Feb.27.2021]

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Today was chalk full of happiness. Making memories with my oldest daughter; what’s more meaningful than that right?

The sun was shining and I was beaming! My bright and wonderful daughter was excited to! The moment her eyes opened this morning!

She bounded out of bed and made a bee line for me cuddling in close. Today was day 12 and the 2nd week of the #LiveFitChallenge2021 and she couldn’t wait! I had asked her to join me as a special guest on the LIVES that we have been hosting via @Actifit Discord and @Actifit YouTube!

We had practiced how we would present the exercises for that Extra Exercise of the day. It was going to be good! How to use a towel to add and assist a partner workout! Cool right?! I think so and obviously she did to! But that’s what you would expect from a personal trainers daughter right!? 😉

The LIVE workout began with an circuit of 3 exercises targeting the upper body before I would bring her on.

I sweated my way through the the circuit while she waited patiently behind camera soaking in the personal training session I was taking everyone through.

I have always wanted to be the kind of daddy that’s a hero to my kids... and here it is... going LIVE has been an opportunity to do just that AND to include them in all the fitness fun!

I always want them to remember their dad sweating and working out live. Living a healthy helping lifestyle. Showing people how to listen to their bodies and add meaning to their activities. I want them to always remember that... and I’m sure they will!

Then came the time for my daughter (@littlem) to come on camera. She had been doing jumping jacks and was all warmed up and ready to go!

She bounded like a bunny onto the screen and the rest is history... I’m sure of it!!! She introduced her self as the camera rolled capturing the magic of the moment!

I’m sooooo proud of her! She’s amazing and full of life and potential! Yes! I’m a proud dad. I’m proud of both my girls. They have really made me into the dad I am today.

So you can see from the picture... just how happy I/we are today!

I hope that you all get the chance to check out these LIVE workouts! If you missed any of the workouts you can find them by looking at the most recent @Actifit post where they are also backed up on @threespeak.

And here’s also a YouTube link if you would like to watch/workout to today’s LIVE:

And just to highlight how good a day it was today! Here’s a few post LIVE pictures:

Here’s a workout picture she took of me. I think it’s pretty good don’t you?!

After our LIVE session we both went on a sunny outdoor #AdventureWalk and I took this picture of my beautiful daughter! I’m a lucky daddy 🍀 and I do love having time for these #DaddyDaughterDates! ❤️

Keep on tying heart strings and staying active with your loved ones everybody! This is what life’s really about isn’t it? 😊

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I totally loved that live session and am glad to have tuned in. You and @littlem did wonderfully and I enjoyed working out alongside; and the stretches at the end were marvelous. Keep being an inspiration to your kids and I am sure they will follow in your footsteps and help many other people in future. I am looking forward to week 3 of the challenge. Keep going :}

I’m so glad that you’ve been making it to the LIVE workouts Eric! I try my best to pack our sessions with useful information and motivation. You guys are 100% my priority.

See you for tomorrow’s Lower Body workout! Bring your best you and a friend! Eric to the power of 2! 🙌

Awesome!! At our side my daughter was way to light for the first bonus exercise, but we had great great fun at the second: Me supporting her doing pushups with the towel. Great fun! Great experience!! Yes, and great memories!

I love how @littlem is doing her own blog here at Hive. Kudos to both of you!

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I’m so glad that you and your daughter made it to Saturday’s workout! (And you two made some memories together just like I did!) Who knew a towel and two people could do so much hey?! 💪

See you at tomorrow’s workout An Li! 🙌

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Great pictures! I've got the daddy/daughter dance starting up here soon. As much as I hate dancing, doing it with her and watching how excited she is to be doing it with me is worth all the two left feet in the world. Priceless. Great post.

I would suggest trying to use this platform to do your videos though. 3speak or whatever. Then you'll truly have them forever. Even if you have a following on YouTube, you can start monetizing it over here. Social media is changing and I think Hive has a platform that is going to be very popular in the coming months and years. Just a thought....

Absolutely! 👍 We have actually made a point to back up all the workouts for the #LiveFitChallenge2021 on @threespeak.

YouTube is good for going LIVE and it’s been great to get the word out about Hive... but this is where it’s at so everything points to Hive and for good reason! 👉#HIVE👈

Hey! I’m glad your making those memories with your daughter @dager212! Dancing might not be your thing but if it’s the way to her heart... then so be it!

I would do pretty much anything to tie these heart strings while their you g and you can do no wrong and I can see that your thinking the same way about this. So, just like you, I’m going to start doing some daddy daughter dancing! 🙌

Thank you for the comment! It’s good to know there’s other dad’s here on Hive upping there game and making memories that count with the ones that matter most.


Absolutely stunning ❤

Thank you!! 🤩

This is lovely. Great way to build a healthy lifestyle and great relationship with your daughter. She looks as happy as dad is proud. 😃

I can honestly say that this time in the gym with my daughter was my highlight for the week last week! @littlem will be joining me again on the next LIVE for the #LiveFitChallenge2021. I certainly am a proud daddy! 😊

Thanks for checking out my post @fruityfruitz! How have you been? I heard that Japan had another earthquake recently. I hope all is well!

Quite inspirational.
Thanks for checking out my post as well. I’ve been okay, thanks for asking. I didn’t feel. it where I am but it was a frightening experience for some of my friends. They’re all safe. 😃

Aww thanks daddy I enjoyed the walk and the work out!

Dear @wil.metcalfe
That's a nice post, always good to see father and daughter sharing different activities. Congrats on those good times.
Yours, Piotr

I'm glad that you took the time to workout/watch the video. I'm grateful for the good times so thank you Piotr! I hope that even a little of what's shared in our workouts inspires you and your family to live healthy and wholesomely!


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