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Into the dark I went. The sun had long set leaving the world of light to the shadows of night. The air was crisp and the sky above was clear... but the city lights all around me blotted out the treasures laid out above. Heavenly bodies held aloft by darkness and mystery. Jewels in light telling stories that connect me to the past, present, and future... hidden from sight! I had to do something about this! An adventure was in the works! Why attempt all this stepping at this time of night? For many reasons... which I will go into detail as we begin this quest!

All was quiet and calm... reminding me of one of the reasons I like odd hours. If you have some thinking to do... heading out on a walk is a really good way to create space to do just that! Everyone else is tucked neatly into their comfortable beds or their busy escaping the chaos of the day replacing it with the escape their television sets provide. I can see these things playing out before me like different acts in a live show... but I try not to pry. Everyone deserves a little privacy even if they leave their lives open plain for all to see; each window display like actors acting in their own scripts.

Street lamps stand resolute guiding my way along the walkways! I press on thinking about the things I want to escape from... time ticks on and waits for no man. Our lives are like arrows shot forward at targets in misty night. Clarity comes... but not by avoiding the uncomfortable, but rather, by embracing it, turning our backs to the things and thoughts that don’t serve us... pressing on in a perpetual search for enlightenment and meaning! I continue following the way my shadow points.

Night hides the things you don’t want to see... it also hides the things that you do want to see... it’s indifferent and like a busy parent shutting off a bedroom light; really quite a time keeper this night... every night! But I’m a fearless modern man! A new pioneer willing to press on into the unknown!

So what is fear anyways? It’s the things that hold us back... the things that keep us inside our context. The static we call comfort... so why even venture out into the night? What if there’s someone or something waiting there just out of reach of my senses?

There’s a calm serenity there in the darkness. A scurry here a branch breaks to my right. Whatever it is... it’s way more afraid of me than I am of it!

The silence swallows up the night time panic. It’s probably a mouse or maybe a house cat on the prowl. Nothing to run to home base over! I shrug imagining the terror on the small furry creatures gasping face and that gets me chuckling a bit. Up ahead and bellow a bridge awaits. I wonder if there is a troll lazily flopped down underneath it. Yes! A perfect spot to ambush the unsuspecting. I had better stay alert!

Making my way a step at a time the earth breaths a sigh of relief as I pass. The sent of pine and spruce along with moss calm my nerves and I continue on.

I look up! And there in the night sky are a hundred and one diamonds lighting up to point the way! The same stars I saw when I was in Hawaii a year ago... before this brutish pandemic had its way with the human race. Everything ground to a halt but I continue to look to the sky. I know that if I stay focused on my dreams... the next steps I take towards those objectives will become clear.

Onward I go. The darkness closes in around me but I don’t give up! Because I know that my friends are watching me... the actions I take today will matter tomorrow! I’m competing in another step challenge with my friends on Fitbit! And these are such great people! So good are these people that I’ve gotta be as good as I can be too! Even if it means putting in another 10,000 steps before my head hits my pillow!

I have always believed in doing just one more thing to move me closer to my goals... it’s the extra effort you take. The extra step.

These day's I'm doing a lot of that! Connecting with new people all around the world on Hive and Twitter. Pouring myself into positive and collaborative efforts!

I just want to do everything I can to be as human as I can with the people I meet. Being real and genuine. True and honestly authentic. I want people who connect with me to feel GREAT about themselves!

How do I do that? By showing people I care and by making extraordinary efforts to connect and value the people I meet on and offline. (And that’s something the Hive Blockchain that hosts this blog does so well doesn’t it!?)

So what do I gotta do to get peoples attention and show them I care? How can I get people to care about the same things I do? How can I show them what’s possible here on Hive? (Getting paid to step and post about it! Yeah! That’s right! Hive does that!)

By showing people in everything I do and say that I care about them. That’s how... and so I take my next step!

Then I see it! Dancing in the fresh outdoor air! The city lights blink to life behind a screen of shrouding trees silhouetted like tall scraggly woodland giants.

Down bellow the river surges ahead on its predetermined course. There's a pathway far bellow and a small light streaks it’s way through the trees bellow and to the right on the other bank. Another adventurer and his sturdy bike dash along lit only by a single light.

I resist the urge to holler across the way from the hills above... it would be fun to see or imagine their startled face! Would they scurry away like the mouse did? Or would they stop their quest to holler the adventures welcome back at me? I’m satisfied with the mental image. I don’t want to break up the quiet peace the surrounds me. I am enjoying the solitude and my thoughts to much to make an effort to disturb them so I keep grounded in the moment and continue on. And that’s when I reach my destination. The lack of light and clarity has not stopped me from getting HERE.

Another bridge (a much longer and stronger one) spans from one side of the river to the other connecting two worlds. A thought springs to mind... Maybe I can be that bridge... and maybe it doesn’t have to be all scary! I can light the way! Like that giant Christmas tree (in April of all things! See it! It’s off to the right!)! As I look down my eyes and ears catch some other adventurous souls... they aren’t doing as well as I am. Flashlight in hand they are stumbling down the stairway I’m stand atop.

I don’t think they have done this before... not at night anyways! I glance at my Fitbit watch. The time says 10:19pm. Are they lost?! They sure seem to be! Their voices pitched break the quiet.

Surely they aren’t lost... how can you be? They have got flashlights and a path before them right?! Taking one last look at the sight I had come to see. It's a symbol of some semblance. A plan. A way forward to those who will it and build it. The footbridge bellow lights a way beckoning people of all sorts to leave there comfy couches and go on adventurous walks... in the dimly lit byways and lightly trodden forested paths.

The lost souls in the staircase below me will have to find their own way... after all, I wouldn’t want to interrupt or breakup the fun they are having together! On our separate adventures, I turn on my heel to go. I am satisfied with my steps... And I’m please that I will be able to double them on my way back!

The fresh air has cleared my head and I am feeling healthy, happy, and whole again so I head back across the walkway that gates off my world from that of the adventure I have just been on...

I’m reminded of what an adventure we are all on! And here’s the thing about answering the call of adventure... An adventure is called an adventure because you just never know how they are going to end!

And would you want it any other way?

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what an interesting story, I really liked the story and how different the anecdote was, and if Hive has helped us to get that space in which the ideas of many people come together and create the same purpose is very interesting as Blockchain technology changed the way we see the world and the emergence of web 3.0 is rewriting history for a future uncensored and decentralized, and help us to write lived experiences and show the world what we think, thanks for sharing this post was good. 😃👍

Thank you for dropping into my comments @yohadice! It was great hearing your take on the adventures I wrote about in this post and your thoughts about the Hive Blockchain and why it matters! Followed you! 🙌

You are so peotic in your post. Well done! Reading along.... !invest_vote !ENGAGE 5 @tipu curate !PUREWATER !FRESHAIR

I like to craft my words especially when I'm writing a compelling story! It's fun and my hopes are to engage and entertain my readers! This post is about steps and adventure... but It's also about doing my best to put great content on the Hive Blockchain! After all... I'm sharing this one with my Fitbit crew and I want them to see how fun Hive and it's community of fitness minded people are! 😁

Indeed! So you have a Fitbit crew that is not yet on Hive completely, yes? !invest_vote !ENGAGE 10

Yeah! I have quite a few friends on Fitbit that I would love to introduce to the Hive Blockchain! How about you? Do you make use of Fitbit?

Not yet. I did not know it before actively using @actifit. To me looks like a standard for watches that's integrated to sync with @actifit. Yet seems to be more then that. LOL Learning all the time. What is it? !invest_vote !ENGAGE 5

Yeah! Fitbit in it's time was a revolutionary wearable development. It's got a whole compliment of devices ranging from clip on wearables to smart gps activated watches that track everything from steps, heartbeat, and even breaths per. min. It also has millions of active users on it's social platform. I'm looking for ways to build bridges from Fitbit to Hive and @ACtifit every day!


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@anli denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
@anli thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

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Humanity is the most beautiful of human beings, that is what defines us as good people, I think it is splendid that you take that path in life, an exciting experience that you lived and unique in the middle of that loneliness is when our thoughts clear and calm our soul I imagine the peace of mind you had after being in that place so interesting very good post I love and hope to continue reading the following JOY AND HAPPINESS 😁

It certainly was good for my mind and soul... Being alone with yourself is really important! It builds self-confidence and reliance! Thank you for reading about my adventures and dropping this comment! Much appreciated my friend! 😄

It's night here and I got a little scared when I saw the 1st photo. I think I saw it too dark because the brightness of the phone was low.

hahahaha! These are a scary set of pictures aren't they @mehmetfix!? Buuuut in reality... That's actually how dark it was! I didn't change the brightness or darkness levels on the photo! 😱

Yes, I guess there is no change in the brightness of the photos. I lower the screen brightness a lot at night. I am sending any photo in Ecency phone application and when I click it, if there is a photo in the send, it glows instantly. 😊
When I looked at the photo, I saw something dark on the right. And when I clicked it suddenly exploded, I got scared. 🤭

bahahaha! it is a scary picture... especially when you describe it this way! 🤣

ahahahaha yes i am glad you understand what i have described. By the way, your post is very good. 😊

The fresh air has cleared my head and I am feeling healthy.

Nature does its magic

It sure does! And every time too! 😊

Nice post, Wil! I love the story telling. You felling kinda poetic today? Haha.

I resist the urge to holler across the way from the hills above... it would be fun to see or imagine their startled face!

Naughty thought. I also wonder what they would have done. 😅

It's always nice to connect with people in the community especially those who share the same interests as ours. Have you had success onboarding some of your fitbit pals over here at actifit /hive?

Thank you @arrliinn! I was certainly feeling poetic! 😁

And yes! I do have quite the mischievous streak as well! hahaha! 😆

I have been working day and night to build a bridge for my Fitbit community to traverse. Hive is the destination and I really want to show my friends there how great this place and it's fitness community is! It's one of the reasons I launched the #AutomaticWin and #Win Initiatives. If we can show them how they can earn rewards for stepping and posting about it... I'm hoping some of them will make it over here!

How about you? Have you made any attempts to onboard your Fitbit friends yet?

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