🅰️ Doing a #DoubleUP on today’s steps! Meeting NEW FRIENDS! [Apr.21.2021] 🏆

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You know... It’s a special thing when technology gets you out your door on an adventure! It’s an even more special thing when technology brings people together in the real world!

That’s what happened today! @Actifit connected @a428 and I and that lead to a local #MeetUP and 10,000 additional steps (two #Win’s!) for the both of us! (And two matching sunburns as well! LoL! It was a beautiful day!)

@a428 has been registering his @Actifit steps for some time now and recently began logging #Win’s with @AdventureReady thanks to @hafiz34 telling him about the #Win Initiative! (Thank you @hafiz34! Thanks to you I now have a new friend on AND offline! 🙌)

For those of you wondering what a #Win is I’ll explain!

Going out your door on an adventure with @Actifit, a step tracking dApp that posts and rewards activity to the Hive Blockchain, anyone who manages to reach 10,000 steps before 10pm is eligible for a badge, a boost, and maybe a reblog (for good quality Activity Reports posted to the Hive Blockchain!) from the @AdventureReady account!

Doctors (like @hafiz34) and researchers around the world are fighting more than just this current pandemic... they are also fighting an epidemic of sedentary lifestyles.

As a personal trainer I like to call it the sitting disease! It’s the curse of our modern lives and the only way to counter it is with intentionality.

Intentionally choosing to be active and live a healthy lifestyle is a lot easier (and more fun!) when you get your steps and reps with friends (especially NEW FRIENDS! 🤩) AND it’s even easier (and more fun!) when you are being rewarded in HIVE & AFIT Tokens!

Most technology doesn’t improve health but rather contributes to the lethargy of our modern society’s typical lifestyle... so am I ever glad I learned about the @Actifit project when I did!

I wouldn’t have transitioned my fitness business’s here to Hive and I wouldn’t have met (on and offline) all the friends I have met if it wasn’t for that day when @kpreddy told me all about how I could earn crypto currency by doing the things I was already doing... but doing it with @Actifit!

It really is amazing come to think about it! ...and I think that really came home today when I went to #LevelUP my steps and meet @a428 in person! There’s these special moments when the internet drops down and touches the actual earth... and those are the real moments that make life rich and meaningful!

@a428! I’m really glad we decided to meet! Getting a #Win together was fun and I look forward to doing that again!

Annnnd! Maybe we will both be successful in connecting with other people on Hive and @Actifit! I’m always open to meeting people especially if they are active with @Actifit and a part of our Hive community!

Together we are stronger! #JoinUP #MeetUP #DoubleUP #TeamUP #PowerUP #LevelUP! 🙌

Here’s som pictures of the rest of @a428 and my step adventure!

If you want to see more pictures of what we #GotUP too click on the link I’ll provide at the bottom of this Activity Report!

In this last picture the sign says not to feed the Canadian Geese... but it didn’t say I couldn’t try to befriend them! (Hey! I’m on a roll with making friends these days so why not try right!? 😆)

Next to the sign there was a solitary Canada Goose just hanging out! I’m not sure why but there he/she conveniently was! So I decided to approach this wild bird to see what would happen...

There was a moment where the goose paused looking up at me with squinting eyes... I paused as well, unsure of what was traveling through its mind.

The goose leaned in towards me. I froze waiting for a breath or two... then as soon as the goose leaned back thinking twice about launching a preemptive attack on my person I confidently stepped forward.

Loosing its nerve the Canada Goose turned and began waddling away as fast as their little legs could go with me following close behind!

Whaaaat!? Sometimes persistence is the best way to make friends right!? 🤣

The goose thought about flying away but I think they didn’t want to expend the effort it would take to leave the ground so on we went one after the other! 🦆🏃‍♂️

Finally I decided to break off my pursuit and my new feathered friend seemed happy to see me go! Tucking her/his wings back in neatly and wagging its tail off we walked going our separate ways...

That was a good laugh for sure! Another carefree memory made with some Canadian Wildlife! 😂

If you would like to see the photo of my Canada Goose friend right before all the shenanigans took place you can see that in @a428’s @Actifit Report! 👇

An adventure is called and adventure because you never really know what’s going to happen when you head out your door!

Today’s adventure was worth the sunburn and I’m glad I drove across the city to meet 2 new friends (yes! The Canada Goose counts too! 😂) and get a double #Win as well!

I’m looking forward to doing it again @a428! 🙌

Thank you everybody for reading my activity report! I hope that my words encourage you all stay active and to go out of your way to connect with people here on Hive and within the @Actifit Community!

Let’s continue to compound trust on the Hive Blockchain everybody! 🙌

See you in my next post! 👀

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And the mind behind the up and coming WIN SYSTEM!

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I can't recall when exactly I told him about the win project. Good to hear that it worked.

Thanks for mentioning.

You left me a comment on my December 27, 2020 actifit report, thanks for that.

I see.

Welcome. Keep winning:)

What a beautiful day compared to the earlier snowy days. I am definitely glad that you met a new friend and congratulations on your automaticwin and win. Keep going now that the weather is good and no feeding the geese hehe. Enjoy a wonderful Friday and weekend ahead :}

Thank you for commenting and always being a positive force for good here on the Hive Blockchain Eric!

Hey! I got a question for you!

Do you ever come on Twitter to talk about Hive Eric?

You so good at being human with people even if it's online... We could really use someone with your ability to connect Eric!

Another connected thing... Have you checked out @nathanmars's proposal (#170) for supporting Community 1st Hive Marketing on Twitter?

If not please vote to support this initiative as it's dearly needed right now! We want to boost Hive to the ranks where it should be but there's a large and growing gap between us and other crypto projects!

It's time to #RollUP our sleeves and get dirty!

Here's a link to the proposal:

And here's something I recently wrote to encourage people to support and vote for this proposal:

Let me know what you think my friend! 😄


Thank you for those links Wil, I will take some time to check those posts out. I am glad for the work that you and Nathan are doing trying to promote Hive. I am not mostly on Twitter but when I can, I stop by to like and retweet those useful tweets. I don't have a large following but if you have any suggestions on where I can help, I will gladly do it.
Otherwise keep enjoying your weekend :}



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