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RE: Actifit App Patched Version - Image Upload Fix + Timezone Support. D-2 LiveFitChallenge2021! Actifit Weekly Staff Picks #76

in Actifit3 months ago

Oh man! That’s awesome! Just the update we needed! Authenticating time zones!

I’m curious to see if this added functionality would be able to automatically authenticate #AutomaticWin’s and #Win’s. If we could add that into the meta data I might be able to award the #AutomaticWin and #Win badges in real time (in the future). I’m just thinking out loud about how nice that would be! Still the manual curation of those health’s and fitness initiatives is a highlight of my week!

Speaking of which... time to go and award/reward all #AutomaticWin’s & #Win’s participants have registered this week! 🙌