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RE: Today's "agile work" day (so called "smart working") |🇮🇹 Oggi giornata di "lavoro agile" (cosiddetto "smart working")

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Hey Amico! I'm just stopping by your recent post!

I wanted to let you know that I'm working with the @Actifit team to get the screen capture aesthetics figured out. I have also been discussing the matter with @mcfarhat in the dm's and he's asking for some clarification.

As I understand it... The problem is with the Fitbit connection hindering the front page of the @Actifit dApp's display of steps taken. (?) Am I right about this? Is this why people have been screen capturing from the post to blockchain page? (Because it shows the step count along with the current time while the front page of the dApp does not when connected to Fitbit?) I'm really trying to remedy this... Your posts are beautiful and I would dearly like to feature them! 🙂

I'm also going to chat with @definethedollar as well. I noticed that his post showed up in the #AutomaticWin feed with a similar screen capture as the one you did last time of the @Actifit dApp.

Anyways! Your continued help with this matter is much appreciated.

I hope that your having a good/healthy week my friend!



Yeah, the ActiFit app only displays the internal count (phone accelerometer) on the front page, even in Fitbit synch mode. The only way for it to display the Fitbit count is to synch the device on the post screen.

Last I heard it was due to Fitbit being very protective of personal data and wary of allowing third party access, but it’s been months, maybe a year since the iPhone app was updated, so it could be due to lack of development (still doesn’t display the post preview images at all or have the ability to use emojis!).

Sorry I'm late in responding @definethedollar and @amico.sports.

This confirms what I originally thought and explains why we are getting two different modes where proof of #AutomaticWin and #Win are concerned. Thank you for taking the time to weigh in here @definethedollar. 👍

@amico.sports, Thank you for calling this to our attention as I do think we should put some effort into making things congruent and visually appealing. I am right there with you about this and I'll make a point of asking @mcfarhat about it. I'm sure it's just a lag in some aspect of the project and eventually it will be rectified.

In the mean time... If you want full support from the @AdventureReady account including a screen capture of the @Actifit dApp that clearly displays both the exact time of day along with the step count will be necessary.

Please keep in mind... No matter how you choose to display things (although I really wish you would, for the time being, follow the protocol...) I absolutely love the beauty and effort captured in your @Actifit reports! I'll continue to do my best to support your posts! They are wonderful @amico.sports! 😄

Yes @wil.metcalfe, the following screenshot shows @actifit's looks when in fitbit mode: