#wednesdaywalk Storms and Golf

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What do you get when you put in a good days work, play in the weather and score 5k+ steps? #wednesdaywalk

That is how the day ended but it began with coffee and lots of work.

The hot/cool waves of high and low pressure sure have made for interesting weather lately. Hot and humid and cool and breezy lead up to a few rain clouds heading in over the corn field.

While walking, I came across a weeping willow. I remember moving from way north of here and knowing I was in the warm south of Ontario when I saw the weeping willows. We had a huge one in the yard of our primary school and it provided so much climbing, shade, and those little whips you made to fight with the other guys.

I got most of my out door work done before the deluge and had some diagnostic work to be done indoors while wiring up a great house.

Once done, it looked like the weather had passed, enough work was done, and I should find a good spot for a business meeting.

When you don’t have time for a round, you can always go bash a bucket at the municipal driving range, have a beer and talk bidness. That is one of the perks of being the boss.

I pulled a @davedickeyyall and forgot my phone on a table when climbing ladders, running wires, hitting balls and training a little brazilian jiu jitsu. Had I not done that, I should have been well over 10k. It sure feels that way.

Which brings us to this evening. Some days are good, others challenging. When it falls on a Wednesday and you get the perfect mix of both, you are probably my hanging out on Hive and sharing a good Wednesday walk with our buddy @tattoodjay. @tattoedjay? Too late to recall the correct option but I think you should follow him and the other one for good measure.

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Walking/running in the morning is good for health but here is soo cold now and I must go for work :(

Mornings are for coffee for me really but it is starting to get cool here too. Still warm in the day so that there is plenty of golf left though. Any season is good for a walk.

And THATS what happens when you start posting before midnight, and hit submit after midnight.

It's still Wednesday in Saskatchewan...