My REAL #wednesdaywalk highlight reel.

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What do you get when you put in a good days work, play in the weather and score 5k+ steps? #wednesdaywalk

That is how the day ended but it began with coffee and lots of work.

The hot/cool waves of high and low pressure sure have made for interesting weather lately. Hot and humid and cool and breezy lead up to a few rain clouds heading in over the corn field.

While walking, I came across a weeping willow. I remember moving from way north of here and knowing I was in the warm south of Ontario when I saw the weeping willows. We had a huge one in the yard of our primary school and it provided so much climbing, shade, and those little whips you made to fight with the other guys.

I got most of my out door work done before the deluge and had some diagnostic work to be done indoors while wiring up a great house.

Once done, it looked like the weather had passed, enough work was done, and I should find a good spot for a business meeting.

When you don’t have time for a round, you can always go bash a bucket at the municipal driving range, have a beer and talk bidness. That is one of the perks of being the boss.

I pulled a @davedickeyyall and forgot my phone on a table when climbing ladders, running wires, hitting balls and training a little brazilian jiu jitsu. Had I not done that, I should have been well over 10k. It sure feels that way.

Which brings us to this evening. Some days are good, others challenging. When it falls on a Wednesday and you get the perfect mix of both, you are probably my hanging out on Hive and sharing a good Wednesday walk with our buddy @tattoodjay. @tattoedjay? Too late to recall the correct option but I think you should follow him and the other one for good measure.

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What a lovely sunset

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk

Happy to be here as always. I hope things are good for you, especially if you are still in New York?

Cheers and no I timed it right in a way I retired at the end of February and haven't been back to NY since, we have moved to MA and settled in here now

Congrats man!

I moved out of the big city years ago and have been underemployed/entrepreneured and love it.

Stay safe down there and buckle up for a SCREWED November no matter how it shakes out.

Ohh yeah its goign to be crazy times ahead for sure, were getting ourselves all prepared for however things turn out

Those a some cool shots
Love the sunset and the weeping willow

Yes, I used to do that a lot too - forget to keep the phone on me
But your body is surely thanking you never the less :D

Thanking me with some hostility as I get back to martial arts training!

One time, I strapped my phone to my arm to see how many steps a typical BJJ class is. Came to 1500 so I miss counting that much. Anyhow, I still enjoy posting on Wednesdays with @Actifit and enjoying all the steps I take.

I hate it when I forget the phone... Doh!