Fridaywalk - 10k Autumn Steps

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What a day. This season keeps producing perfect moments during fantastic days.

Seems I am counting backwards thought as that fine shot came after 90% of those steps.

Along the way, I discovered another great lunch spot and another in a long lone of meatball subs which I have enjoyed.

I have heard is said that “if your dinner is between 2 buns, it ain’t high class.” Well I beg to differ. This place has always been wonderful and now has a long list of gourmet sandwiches on the menu thanks to the merging with a sandwich shop.

Such a blue sky and the sun still has its warmth.

I am really enjoying the wide open spaces and great big sky between the harvest and hunters moons.

Back to the start and a nice end to a great day.
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such beautiful scenes on your walk and I don't care if your lunch was classed as not high class it looks dang good to me

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