Thank God For Life


For some reason, I decided to follow my mom to the farm today before preparing for work.
We got to the farm early. We started working.
Along the line, I was tired and decided to drink water and then rest a bit before going back to work.
Unfortunately, for me, while sitting and resting, I got stung by an ant.
It was very sharp and painful.
I thought it was the normal way ants do bite.
But I never knew it transferred its poison into my bloodstream

Few minutes after the sting. My whole body was on fire.
I had itches all over. I didn't know what happened, I just thought it's just some farm mosquito that will stop after a while.
But the further I wait for it to subside the itchy, the more it came till my whole body became fire.
I started seeing things coming out of my body and face.
I had to rush home but before I even got home, the poison had spread through my entire body.

My face was swollen and disfigured, so were my legs.
I had rash-like particles all over my body.
I immediately sent for drugs which I took and after some hours the whole effects subsided.
I missed work because of this, I missed Bible study class too but in all, I thank God for life.
It may seem like child's play but I know what I went through those hours that I was experiencing the effects of the poison.


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Sorry for the ant bite and I hope you are ok now, and keep working hard cause this economy in Nigeria requires had work. Have a lovely day @zellypearl.