Happy New Month

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Today has been a little adventurous and hectic for me.
I got up early and did my normal house chores as usual.
And then washed and went to the market to get a few things.
I wanted to make carrot oil for my hair and of course skin.
I got the items I needed and then made the oil. I will be sharing the process in a whole new post in case anyone is interested.
Carrot oil is very good for the skin and even your hair.

After making the oil, I followed my mom to the farm to weed. It was an awesome experience. I love evening farm work compared to the early morning own.
When I came back I was a little too tired and stress, I washed up and fell asleep till now that I just woke up.
It was a good day anyway. I am glad I got some things I needed to do done today.

Happy New Month Guys!

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Happy new month to you too, this shows you are hard working as well. Please I will come get a little amount of the oil. Lovely post @zellypearl.