My Report For The Day


Thank God for today. I never thought I would be able to achieve anything but I am glad the case was different by the end of the day.

I woke up early and finished up with my house chores.
I was supposed to go somewhere but I ended up not doing that. I spent time sketching for my friend whose birthday is today.
I started with the sketch work yesterday actually but when I ruined the first work, I had to try again with a different photo and the second one came out perfectly well.

And here is the work progress of the new sketch I made with the new photo.

After finishing with the new sketch, I gifted her the portrait and she did like it.

Below is the first sketch I tried making before changing the photo and making a different one.

The previous sketch I tried making which I ruined, is what what actually gave me some great new lessons and features of my digital artworks. This experience made me learn something new and soon I will share my experience and lessons with you guys.
Stay glued to my blog to find out sooner or much later.
Anyway, amidst every happening today, it was a good day for me even if it wasn't the best.
Have a wonderful night great my fellow country people. ;)

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