Small Stonehenge in Bulgaria

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I thing convinced that very few people know and have seen this place.

The stones are located near the village of Karlukovo in Bulgaria. Coming from the town of Lukovit, you pass a small info center to the right of the road, then to the left is the Prohodna cave. We continue on the main road to Karlukovo and after about 500 meters, on the right we see a huge stone butterfly, which can serve as a guide. We go on the forest road to the right and after 1 minute we arrive at the place

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So many beautiful places in Bulgaria to visit ;)
Sooner or later I'll ;)

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къде е това?

Написал съм къде е 😁 - Близо до входа на село Карлуково до главния път е , и е на около 500 метра от пещера Проходна

really an impressive and magical place, I didn't know it existed. Thanks for sharing your photos