⭐️ Rising Star - Opening of Two more card packs and progress report

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Hello and welcome to all the readers.

Since last post, i have continued doing bigger missions and accumulating starbits.
I have reached level 62. Ego is on 9% with zero temporary fans.

Today, i am going to open two more packs. This is what i got:

Pack Number One

R51 Brad - 150 fans, 100 skills, 1 luck
25 Dalilah 10 fan, 5 skills
23 Jonny 25 fan, 10 skills

A good pack of fans and skills.
1 unique and 2 duplicate cards.

Pack Number Two

R63 Sonny - 100 fans, 100 skills, 1 luck
28 Nathan - 0 fans, 15 skills
23 Jonny - 25 fan, 10 skills

Again, a good pack
1 unique and 2 duplicate cards

Overall, added 310 fans and 250 skill points.
2 unique cards and 4 duplicate ones.

My Progress: [goal ends 30th June 2021]

Goal - level 70
Current - level 62 [08 more levels to go, but only 16 days left]

Goal - 40000
Current - 23973

Ego - 9%
Currently, I am half way through the local Mini tour support mission. This will attract few temporary fans.

Updated Stats


Player Rankings

slipped 5 positions, since last post.

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Thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.


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