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RE: Superbowl Sunday on #themorningbowl

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Not really something we have'follow here in SA - but Happy Superbowl Sunday to you nonetheless :)


It would be like World Cup soccer for most of the world..

Ok I see :) I am more of a rugby girl myself... being South African and all! haha :)

Yeah Americans can't play other sports. We'd lose. How would that look? We just invent our rules... rugby becomes football... cricket becomes baseball.. 🤪🤣 !BEER

hahahaha!!! So much truth in that hey... :P Although, rugby does seem to be catching on a little bit over there. I think the football guys caught a big wake up when they saw that live game you hosted against the New Zealand all blacks... and just how brutal the game of rugby is... All (sporty) guys want a slice of that pie hahaha!

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Thanks @davedickeyyall :)