A small edition with the song of SISTEMA by my friend manu. - Message of the situation in my country.

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Hello friends how are you?
I have not come here for two days, it is not because I did not want to, I had a toothache, the truth is that I do not recommend it to anyone, it hurts a lot, it still hurts but at least I have some pills to calm the pain.

In spite of everything, I was working on this edition, it is a contest that my friend Manu is doing, he made a song called SISTEMA talks about the situation that we are going through in our country, the prize will be $ 100 and well it is about making the video that you want and the rule is that this is the background song.

I wanted to show the true message of how day to day is here in our country and the truth is I think better I could not do it so well I hope you enjoy it friends.

I hope to win.

Edicion : My self
Camara: My self
Actors : Jesus y Victor.

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Loved both the video and the music bro! Looks like you are a tight bonded community over there and I love that!
Good luck with the contest man.

Thanks brother, the song goes a little, about what is the system in which my country is right now, practically a chaos, there is no water, electricity, gasoline, the salary is very bad and I wanted to reflect more or less that in the video friend , I'm glad you liked it.