Kickflip complication - SKATEBOARDING VLOG.

in hive-196037 •  2 months ago  (edited)

Hello friends, I am uploading this video again since I don't know what happened, thanks to my friend @knowhow92 who told me that something that was not related to my video appeared, I really don't know what happened but here I am uploading it again, it is a compilation of all the kickflips I had and the truth brings me good memories since some were recorded while I was in Puerto Ordaz, enjoy yourselves and stay safe.


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Yeah G! Sick edit and Travis Scott music really fits your skate style.
The last Kickflip was perfect my G! These 6 stairs look really big

Thank you brother, in Puerto Ordaz there are many good spots, I was laughing a long time ago a friend told me that he reminded him of Diego Najera and Miles Silve and I told him that if he was making fun of me hahahaha.