I had a very unlucky day. SKATE HIVE.

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Hello friends, welcome to another video for my channel, this video I tried to upload yesterday but my internet was somewhat pathetic so I couldn't, this day I wanted to continue with my progression of tricks and well I chose the kickflip fs is not one of my favorite tricks, but the truth was I wanted to achieve several good ones, only my shoe didn't help me, I only managed to make a few attempts and well this is what came out, I hope you enjoy it friends.


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These are some decent Fs Flips bro! I hate that trick!
Damn man, that shoe is completely torn apart!Do you have a second pair to skate brother?

brother fs kickflip is a trick that I do not master very well but, I wanted to keep trying until I get several, not yet but I think I will continue to hit them and they will last a little longer, tomorrow I will skate where my girlfriend is still, I am with my balance phone, I was asking yesterday for a computer and go 160 $ is a lot of money for the specifications G

Idk what specifications this computer you are talking about has bro but 160$ is a really good price for my country at least! I know how things are over there and you know better if it is worth it or not!

I just hope you find what you are looking for at the best price and soon my brother! I wish I could help you with that!


Brother is very expensive, because they are old computers, so if I buy one for $ 160, I run the risk that it will be damaged in a month because I don't know how to do it, here everything is too expensive, that's why I don't know what to make friends, wait and continue looking for and that hive shoot and take advantage.

Nice fs flip bro, but guess who needs a new pair of shoes? 😂

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thanks brother, but i'll have another fs kickflip session and get some cleaner ones, and go over the shoes i think i'll have to use glue to accommodate them.

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