Trick of the day - Practicing Fakie hardflip. SKATEHIVE.

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Hello friends of HIVE and Dtube, welcome to another video for my channel, today I am going to leave you with what was a little training with FAKIE HARDFLIP It is nothing new for many that hardflip is one of my favorite tricks, but Fakie always gets complicated for me. I define it as a difficult trick to be honest, although I can't deny that I like it a lot.

But that's how skateboarding is, training and training until things are achieved. I hope you enjoy it.


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Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn bro, that's a HUGE Fakie hardflip with both pop and speed! Can't land a regular one and I am so jealous about the way you do them!

Brother don't doubt yourself, I'm sure you can get it.

I can do many tricks but not hardflips brother as well as pressure flips! I just can't! My brain isn't working that way hahahaha!