2 smooth tricks!!!! - Long time no fs smith on this railing- SKATEHIVE.

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Hello friends, welcome to another video for my channel !!!
I think the half cab flip is a trick that works very well for me, very elegant and that excites me a lot.

Fs smith is a trick that I had not tried on this railing for a long time, the truth is that for a long time I wanted to do it again, it took about 10 attempts to drop it and the truth came out very clean, I hope you enjoy these two tricks friends.


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Brooooo, what a clean Halfcab flip ❤️

Smith was cool but that Halfcab flip was like watching a pro landing it! Just bolts!

Thanks for the comment one of my dreams is to do manual half cab flip, I think I'm not an expert in tricks but I think I have a good style.

Bro you kidding me? You are a machine!